Social Responsibility

Manufacturing Integrity

On a daily basis, Kinco pushes itself to deliver the highest quality of product and the best value to its customers. In order to do this successfully, Kinco not only relies on its employees to follow the company’s core values, but also for both its manufacturers and customers to carry out the same strong integrity – whether it’s deciding on where to buy raw material or where Kinco’s products are being sold. It is essential to Kinco that every business relationship throughout the spectrum of its business is a mutual beneficial partnership where all parties have a clear understanding of what Kinco represents.

Kinco realizes the importance of constant open communication to achieve this transparency. Kinco’s purchasing team in Portland frequently travels to visit its employees and manufacturers overseas where they ensure good ethics are being followed, production is meeting deadlines, consistency and high quality standards are met and to essentially build valuable relationships, some of which have flourished for over 30 years. Similarly, Kinco sales team throughout the United States is continuously connected with its headquarters in Portland to ensure the company’s standards and goals are being accurately portrayed and shared with our customers.

As a US based second-generation family run company, Kinco has a strong commitment to treating its employees, manufacturers, and customers as our extended family and stands behind them 100%.


Adopt-A-Road at Mt. Bachelor

Doing our part to keep Oregon Green! Kinco recently adopted a stretch of road along South Century Drive near Mt. Bachelor or Forest Service Road 45, between the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway and Sunriver.

Similar to the State of Oregon’s Adopt-A-Highway program, volunteers of the Adopt-a-Road program clean up litter and remove noxious weeds along state highways. Work activities may also include graffiti removal and maintenance of existing landscaped areas.

As fellow patrons and outdoorsmen of the beautiful Northwest, we ask that our customers and consumers partner with us in the effort to maintain natures beauty and keep Oregon green! If you pick-up trash along this stretch of road, please send us a picture of the items collected in front of the “Kinco Gloves” sign (shown at right), and we’ll send you a pair of Kinco Gloves for your efforts!


Kinco Kids

The safety of children is always our concern! We take this into consideration when manufacturing products intended for children.

Kinco Kids gloves compliance with applicable product safety regulations and laws, including those enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). All of our children’s gloves have been tested and certified by a qualified laboratory to receive the CPSC certification. This means Kinco Kid’s products are guaranteed to be safe for use by children, whether it be in the garden or the sand box!

Great Buisness

Kinco always takes pride in our community and making the world a better place!

To be lean and green, Kinco is certificated by the City of Gresham’s Resource Efficiency Assistance To (GREAT) Businesses program. We make efforts towards energy conservation, water recycling and pollution reduction in all daily work at Kinco.

Birch Community Services, Inc.

Birch Community Services, Inc. serves working-poor families in the greater Portland/Vancouver region by offering help for today and hope for tomorrow. BCSI is staffed by over 500 willing volunteers, and six full-time and five part-time employees.

Kinco donated 600 pairs of gardening, work, and cold weather gloves to the families Birch Community Services, Inc. serves in February 2014. These gloves will keep volunteer hands warm in their chilly warehouse and protected as they plant and harvest about 5,000 pounds of produce for families over the summer.

Learn more at

Bright Pink

Be Brilliant. Be Bold. Be Bright Pink. Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, while providing support for high-risk individuals.

Kinco is committed to supporting Bright Pink’s mission to drive awareness about breast and ovarian health. In support of this partnership, 5% of the proceeds from the sales of style 1891WK will be donated to Bright Pink. Learn more at

Blue Mountain Cutters

Kinco was a proud corporate sponsor of the 2013 Blue Mountain Cutters competition, and provided a couple of leather gloves to winners in each division.

The BMC is an organization filled with dedicated horsemen and horsewomen who train their horses to separate an individual cow from a herd of cattle. Cutting is a skill-turned-sport and originated when cattle ranchers needed to separate an animal from the herd to vaccinate, castrate, and sort the animals.

Contestants are judged by their horse’s “cow sense.” Which is the ability to anticipate the cow’s actions, keep an individual animal away from the cattle herd with loose reins, and total time worked. Along with how hard the horse and rider need to work in order to accomplish the task. The goal being that the horse does majority of the work without being guided and the rider just hangs on for the ride. Learn more at