Thumb Designs

The way a glove’s thumb is constructed directly affects both the usefulness of the glove and the amount of dexterity and/or flexibility available to the glove user. Check out the examples below to learn which thumb designs Kinco utilizes in our work gloves for your fit, use, and comfort.

Straight Thumb

This design features a thumb that is perpendicular to the wrist and is useful in those areas where gripping is important. Although it may not be as ergonomically comfortable as other designs.
Straight Thumb Straight Thumb

Wing Thumb

An angled thumb that provides increased flexibility and does not contain a seam between the palm and thumb. This makes it durable and comfortable for extended wear.
Wing Thumb Wing Thumb

Keystone Thumb

Highly flexible, the keystone thumb is the most ergonomic thumb design which is stitched separately into the palm area.
Keystone Thumb Keystone Thumb

Choy Thumb

Same angled thumb design and hand feel as the wing thumb, but has a seam on the thumb which is more susceptible to wear.
Choy Thumb Choy Thumb