Kinco utilizes multiple patterns for our gloves depending on the intended use of the product. Using the descriptions and example images below, learn about the types of patterns we offer in our glove program, which are considered industry standard patterns.

Ambidextrous (or Reversible)

This glove pattern can fit on either hand and is most often used on disposable, textile or knit gloves.
Reversible or Ambidextrous Thumb Reversible or Ambidextrous Thumb

Clute Cut

This pattern has a seamless palm with three seams between the fingers all the way down the back of the glove. It is used primarily for fabric material gloves.
Clute Cut Thumb Clute Cut Thumb

Gunn Cut

This is the most often used pattern in work gloves. It features a seamless back and one “gunn” seam at the base of the two middle fingers. This places the “gunn” seam in a natural crease of the hand so it is very comfortable.
Gunn Cut Thumb Gunn Cut Thumb