Cuff Styles

Not sure which cuff style works best for your use? Keep reading to learn about common work glove cuff styles that are employed on our glove line-up. Use these pointers to help determine which option might best suit your needs based on their unique attributes.

Knit Wrist

The Knit Wrist is a comfortable, snug fitting option that helps prevent dirt and debris from infiltrating your glove, while simultaneously keeping warmth in during the winter months.
Knit Wrist Knit Wrist

Safety Cuff

Designed to provide added protection from abrasion, the Safety Cuff is often augmented by a rubberization or other lamination process to add durability and stiffness.
Safety Cuff Safety Cuff

Easy-On™ Cuff with Shirred Elastic Wrist

Our Easy-On™ option is designed to facilitate quick on and off use for tasks that require fast reaction time while allowing a low profile for increased mobility in the wrist.
Easy-On Easy-On


The material is extended in length to prevent wrist and lower forearm exposure. This is helpful for welding, cleaning, and cold weather, as it creates added protection from outside elements.
Gauntlet Gauntlet

Ball & Tape Pull-Strap

This strap on the back-side of the wrist can easily be pulled to adjust the circumference around your wrist to the desired fit.
Ball & Tape Pull-Strap Ball & Tape Pull-Strap

Hook & Loop Adjustable Rubber Pull-Strap

This is the most secure pull-strap closure and is can easily be adjusted to fit the circumference of the user’s wrist and desired fit.
Hook & Look Rubber Pull-Strap Hook & Look with Rubber Pull-Strap