Warranty Information

It is our on-going goal to design and develop our products to accommodate and satisfy our diverse customer base and product mix. Therefore, we make our gloves with varying degrees of durability, flexibility, and dexterity and are continuously renovating and expanding our product line. While we take every measure to ensure that all our products are as perfect as possible, imperfections do happen. We apologize if you are the recipient of a problem product, and hope that our Warranty will be helpful to you.

Material and construction defects are covered by our Warranty. In most cases our products are made with natural materials which are sewn by hand, so occasional defects are inevitable.

Please note that defects do not include damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear & tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use.

In the case of a manufacturer defect

If you have purchased a pair of our gloves and encountered a defect please contact the place of purchase for a credit or an exchange. If that option is not available to you, you can contact us directly. We ask that you provide us with PROOF OF PURCHASE or COPY OF A RECEIPT, DESCRIPTION OF THE DEFECT, & A PICTURE OF THE DEFECT. Upon review of your submission we will notify you if we are able to send you a replacement product.

Please log in to the distributor section of our website and access the “Defective Claim Form”, you can submit the completed form via fax or email.

Please note this warranty does not apply to damage caused by repairs that have been made or attempted by others.