Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy, can I buy direct from Kinco?

In order to best support our resellers, we do not sell our full product line directly to end users or consumers. Kinco’s focus is to maintain a strong partnership with its many retail stores, distributors, catalog companies, and websites around the world and we are happy to help direct your purchase to one of those venues to get gloves into and onto your hands.

I am a consumer, where can I buy Kinco’s products?

We would be more than willing to help find a store near you, website, catalog company, etc. that carries Kinco’s products. You can Chat with a Customer Service Representative live on our website, call, or contact us via email to submit your request. Note: If you are searching for online purchasing options, please let us know in your contact request.

I’m looking for a particular glove style, can you tell me where to find it?

If there is a particular product you are searching for and are unable to locate, please contact us and we would be more than willing to assist you locate a retailer near you that carries our product line.

NOTE: We do not have access to our reseller’s inventory counts and are, therefore, unable to provide you with the stock status of a particular style. Please contact the reseller directly to learn whether they carry the product you are seeking and if the product is in stock at their facility.

I see products on this website, but don’t see prices. What gives?

Kinco does not display pricing to the public on our website. Pricing is available to our established resellers and can be requested from your sales representative.

I would like to see a price list. Where can I find one?

Since Kinco does not sell our products directly to end users / retail consumers, we do not publish product prices or display pricing publicly to visitors on Kinco.com.

For Ski Patrol & Personnel customers: Pricing will be provided at the time of your purchase over the phone or via email. Purchases through Kinco.com are temporarily unavailable at this time due to site maintenance.

Established reseller customers may reach out to their sales representative for reseller pricing.

I am a Ski Resort/Patrol Personnel, can I purchase online?

We are in the process of upgrading our website, so our online shopping cart is not available at this time. However, you can submit a request for order on our Ski landing page.

I am a Reseller, can I purchase online?

No, not at this time. We’re in the process of rolling out new online purchasing for our customers, however, this service is not yet available for all of our customers. Please stay tuned! In the meantime, please feel free to download an order form here (PDF) and submit your order by fax.

Curious about online purchases? As we refine our checkout process, cross T’s and dot i’s, and we are only offering online accounts to specific user groups at this time. If you are interested in placing orders online in the future, please let us know by notifying us via the contact us page using the “Website Support” subject and we’ll notify you once online purchasing becomes available.

Reseller? I am NOT an end user/consumer and I would to learn more about selling Kinco’s products.

Kinco has regional sales managers available throughout the United States for your convenience. In order to locate your nearest salesperson and establish an account with us, resellers/retailers should complete our quick questionnaire. Your local sales representative will then facilitate the creation of an account for you and/or your company. We look forward to working with you!

My Kinco product is defective, what do I do?

After you read our Warranty Information and you feel that you have a “defective” product, please contact the store in which you purchased the item from and they will credit you and/or exchange/replace your product. Kinco has made arrangements with its resellers to provide this service to you, as Kinco is unable to pay for freight for the product return or to send credit/money/replacement product to consumers directly.

Kinco is always open to suggestions to continually better our product line. If you are able to provide detailed information regarding a defective product or idea for a new product, please contact us as we’d love to hear from you.

I have an idea! Who do I tell?

Kinco is always open to suggestions to continually better our product line. Please submit detailed information regarding your new product idea, new color or material suggestion, and/or design or pattern concept via the contact us form. Since you are using our gloves and are clearly passionate about our brand, we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

I have a picture and/or story that I think would interest Kinco for marketing purposes, is Kinco interested?

If you have an action picture or story that shows and/or tells how you have used your Kinco product, please utilize our online submission form. By submitting photos to Kinco, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of this site.

I’d like to contact someone specific at your company. How do I get hold of them?

If you would like to contact a specific member of our team or would like to contact someone regarding a specific topic, please utilize our Contact Us Request Form and we’ll make sure your message gets in front of the right person based on your subject matter.

As a company policy, we do not display or distribute our personal email addresses on our website as to avoid receiving excess advertisements and to mitigate automated spam from bots. Utilizing our Live Chat or Contact Us Request Form is the best way to get ahold of our team members.

I’d like to apply to work at Kinco, do you have an online application form?

We do! Our current openings are shown on our Employment Opportunities page. If the position you are looking for is not listed, we ask that you submit your resume via the Contact Us page using the Subject titled “Employment.”