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Action Shots

Jamie Storrs of Wyoming

“They are really the only gloves I ski in.”
Product(s): #1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin“Enjoying closing weekend at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with a PBR and my trusty Kincos.”

Jamie Storrs
Photo by Corey Rondeau

“My trusty Kincos keeping me warm during heli laps in Girdwood, Alaska.”

Jamie Storrs
Photos by Harrison Buck

“Wearing my Kincos to take my girlfriend and dog for their first backcountry skiing experience.” (Teton Pass)

Jamie Storrs
Photo by “some random dude”


Julia Perry of Oregon

#1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin Leather Palm with Knit WristOn the Boundary Waters of Minnesota
Julia Perry


Brooklynn of Oregon


Bryan Green of Oregon

#901 Ski Glove“Me & Sarah Lanci digging a snowpit to test stability”

Bryan Green

“Looking down the shoot accessing avalanche conditions”

Bryan Green

“North side of Mt. Hood near Tie-In Rock”

Bryan Green

Bryan Green and Connor Scott on a ridgeline just west of Ski Bowl’s outback

Bryan Green
Photos by Har Rai Khalsa


Orson and Gaven of Utah

Title: “Boys Working Hard”
Product(s): #50 Kids’ Suede Cowhide Drivers“The Kinco gloves are a staple at our house, Orson uses them everyday and has for several years. He likes them because they fit and are soft. He uses them for work, digging, motorcycle riding, and a whole lot of other activities busy boys do.”

Photo submitted by Kelly Colby


Darin Baker of Colorado

#1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin and #1939KW Lined Pigskin Safety Cuff“Powered by Kinco”

Darin Baker

Darin Baker


Natalie Wright in Melbourne, Australia

#21 Touch-Screen GloveNatalie Wright in Melbourne, Australia


Katherine Gengler of Oregon

#1790 WARM GRIP® THERMAL LINED“Kinco crabbing on the Oregon Coast”

Jamie Storrs
Photo by Adam Stites


Barry Winston of Oregon

#1938KW Lined Pigskin Knit Wrist“I love this glove!! Taken from the top of Mt Shasta yesterday!”

Barry Winston


Dick “TJ” Epplett of Oregon

#1917 Grain Pigskin Leather Palm and #90HK Lined Grain Deerskin“Warm, comfortable, durable, and excellent value. I wouldn’t wear anything else.”


Colby Bingham of Utah

#1927KW Lined Grain PigskinDad wrote, “It’s my son & I plowing snow. In addition to the cute little boy, I couldn’t help but notice my beautiful new pair of Kincos.” Mom wrote, “Plowing snow with Dad in freezing temps = ultimate joy for this little dude!”


Adelyn of Colorado

#50 Kids’ Split Cowhide Leather Driver
Favorite Feature: “Rugged Tough”Grandpa Carl wrote, “This photo is of my 4 year old granddaughter taken by my son in law; He moves heavy equipment with a semi tractor trailer lowboy. She rode with him and was helping unload by operating the hydraulic levers, the picture is completely unstaged. My first thought was “Kinco gloves… Made for the next generation of the American work force!” What better face than a 4 year old girl operating a semi tractor trailer lowboy.”


Blogs & Testimonials

Sam Lozier of The Ski Guru Blog

Article: “Kinco Gloves”
Product: #901 Ski Glove“…my favorite outdoor products: Kinco Gloves…” READ MORE

The Ski Guru Blog


Aaron Bible of Colorado

Title: “Leather Work Glove Originator Still One of the Best”
Product(s): #901 Ski Glove and #1939KW Lined Pigskin Safety Cuff“As a professional gear tester and mountain dweller I have a lot of opportunity to use and abuse a lot of different gloves…” READ MORE


Chris Cappetta of Colorado

Article: “Owner Review”
Product: Kinco 1927KW-Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves“…I have owned two pairs of Kincos. The first pair was my primary ski glove two winters ago; and was lost traveling in the front-country over the summer. The pair I own currently has been with me since the fall. It served as my ski glove for the entire winter. It also came on an overnight ski-tour and on many single day backcountry ski trips this winter…” READ MORE

Junk in the Truck: Kinco Work Gloves


Jonathan Ellsworth of Blister Gear Review

Title: “Trip Report: Canterbury Club Fields, NZ”
Product(s): #901 Ski Glove and #1939KW Lined Pigskin Safety Cuff“…Several of the club field rope tows are powered by tractors that have had their back ends removed. If the club wants to speed up the rope, you just shift the tractor into high gear. The nutcracker/rope tow combination definitely takes a few tries to master, which is both humbling and hilarious…” READ MORE


David Fennings of Forage Sussex

Title: “Review: Kinco Pro 2051 – Cold Weather Work Gloves”
Product(s): #2051 Lined Cold Weather gloves“I was in need of a pair of gloves that would see me through the winter, keeping my hands warm and dry during the colder wetter months, be it chopping logs, mountain biking, or the various tasks I undertake whilst working at the Hunter Gather Cook School. I opted for the Kinco…” READ MORE


David Zemenss of

Title: “Kinco 901 Gloves – Reviewed”
Product(s): #901 Ski Gloves“A while back I went on the hunt for good, durable gloves that would withstand the ravages of midwest tow ropes. A few searches and forums suggested the insulated Kinco 901 gloves, so I ordered a pair and put them through the ringer. After riding them for nearly an entire season, here’s how they stack up…” READ MORE


Melissa Schuette of Minnesota

Title: “Product Review: 2005W”
Product: #2005W Women’s Green Synthetic Leather Gloves“I just wanted to let you know how great this product is. I work in a shipping and receiving department. I pack boxes, pallets, use metal banding and putt a varied assortment of parts away. I have tried two other different brands of gloves before I found these. This pair of gloves has by far out performed the other gloves. I purchased my first pair in April or June 2014. The are very dirty, but no holes or rips or seams pulling apart, all things I happened to the other gloves I have used.

Again, I just wanted to let you know how well I feel this glove has been made. THANKS!”


Cody Carpenter of YakSmack in Texas

Title: “Product Review: Alyeska Gloves by Kinco”
Product: #5132 Alyeska Unlined Half-Finger Wool Mitts with PVC Dots“…After looking around the internet for gloves that would fit my criteria I found various options across the board as far as pricing. My budget didn’t allow me to spend a lot of money for gloves for fishing. After searching, I came across Alyeska Half Finger Wool Gloves. These were exactly what I was looking for and for under $10…”


Kyle Briggs of Colorado


Al’s Blog of Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Title: “Soft & Creamy”
Product: #901 Ski Gloves“The MGD Zone (Max, Groswold, Durrance) opened this morning. I managed to sneak a run down Groswold and Long Chute. The snow was really soft and creamy, just perfectly wind blown…” READ MORE

Al's Blog

Al's Blog


Alison Napolitano of AlpineStyle56

Title: “ALPINE LIFESTYLE + HERITAGE + FASHION: High Visibility Kinco Gloves”
Product: #1939KWP Grain Pigskin with Waterproof Insert“Utility at its brightest. Canyons Resort, Park City, Utah.”


Jaime MacDonough of Pennsylvania

Utility Glove, #901 Ski Gloves, and Lined Suede Work Gloves“Just bought my third pair. I’ve worn the high wrist non-elastic striped utility glove (with heat keep) on the slopes and couldn’t imagine anything better. Then you introduced the Ski Glove and I’m flushed with love all over again. Just in time too. It is closing in on Valentines day.

“I’ve had lined suede work gloves in my pack for firewood and winter tasks too. I work at snow removal service and I am always happy to have these on my side.

“Great job & thanks for diversifying the product line.

Pleased patron,
Jaime M.”


Brian of Explore The Rockies

Title: “Ski Gloves: Flylow VS Kinco”
Product(S): #1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin, #901 Ski Gloves,& #901T Ski Mitts“Cheap ski gloves are getting more and more popular these days and not just for fashion statement reasons. They are practical, affordable, more durable than they seem and give skiers great dexterity. I used to buy 70 to 100 dollar gloves and they would usually last a year, maybe 2 if I were lucky…” READ MORE

Al's Blog


Light, Fast, & High

Title: “Kinco Work Gloves (1927KW) – Review”
Product(S): #1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin” have seen hardware store gloves made by Kinco worn by skiers for years however I was unaware that they were also frequently used by climbers until a few years ago. I bought a pair of Kinco 1927KW in size medium last year and have been pleasantly surprised by them in nearly every environment in which I have used them….” READ MORE

Al's Blog



Outside Magazine, 2011 Winter Buyer’s Guide

Article: “The Best Winter Gear”
Page: 66
Product: #901 Ski GlovesOutside Magazine, 2011 Winter Buyer's Guide


Heather Hansman of Powder Magazine

Article: “Junk in the Truck: Kinco Work Gloves”
Product: #901 Ski Glove“Junk in the Truck is our new gear section. This is the stuff we actually use, love, and stand by…”READ MORE

Junk in the Truck: Kinco Work Gloves


Explore Summit, Winter 2014

Article: “Telemark Gear of the Cutting Edge of Outdoor Technology”
Author: Aaron H. Bible
Page: 38-39
Product: #901 Ski GlovesExplore Summit, Winter 2014

Explore Summit, Winter 2014

We also spotted these two images of Kincos in the same magazine!
Products: #901 Ski Gloves & #1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin
Explore Summit, Winter 2014 Explore Summit, Winter 2014


TV & Video

“Life Below Zero” on National Geographic

Episode(s): (multiple), notably “Crazy to Begin With” With Erik Salitan in the Brooks Range above the Arctic Circle and “Winter’s Edge”
Product: #1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin


The Alaskan Way by Godu Productions

#1927KW Lined Grain Pigskin Leather Palm with Knit Wrist“‘The Alaskan Way’ is a documentary film chronicling a season spent in a community of heli-skiers in Haines, Ak. that asks: “Is living the dream worth risking it all? Together the heli skiers explore the commitments, sacrifices and rewards of living a life with deep passion for deep powder.” READ MORE


Justin Lukasavige of BackcountryTreks

Title: “The Most Durable, Warmest, and Most Useable Gloves on the Slope”
Product: #901 Ski Glove“What do you do with perpetually cold fingers and a desire to ski in cold weather? You test some of the most popular gloves on the market.”For this review I brought together gloves from Mountain Hardwear, Kinco, Flylow, Columbia, and First Ascent. I tested on the ski slope, in the backcountry, hiking, and even bucking and splitting wood.”

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


“Gold Rush” on Discovery Channel

Episode No.: (multiple)
Product: Multiple, but Hi-Vis Green is most prevalentThere have been multiple episodes on which Gold Rush miners have been seen wearing Kinco gloves. Can you find them? It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo?” but with gloves. If you spot an episode not listed on this page, shoot us a picture of the scene on that episode, the episode name or number, and your mailing address. Once we confirm your submission, we’ll send you one pair of Kinco gloves, a Kinco hat, and other Kinco swag in return.


Product Review by SixtyAteOutdoors

Title: “Kinco Insulated Gloves”
Product: #1927KW Lined Grain PigskinHttp iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


Brian of Hanks Clothing

Title: “Flip Over Wool Mitts”
Product: #5210 Alyeska Lined Half-Finger Wool Mitts with PVC DotsHttp iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


Tailgate Alaska

Title: “Tailgate Alaska in Short”
Episode: 4
Product: #901 Ski Gloves“This week we ride snowmobiles.” (And wear Kinco gloves!)


Kinco Appears on Patrol Dogs

Title: “Patrol Dogs Part 1 – The Puppy Stage”
Product: #901 Ski Gloves


Product Review by CampingGearTV

Title: “Kinco Ski Gloves”
Episode No.: 155
Published: February 21, 2011
Product(s): #901 Ski Gloves“Winter isn’t over yet folks. So let’s look at a pair of well-priced gloves that will keep your hands toasty, the Kinco Ski Gloves (Buy here: Made with pigskin leather, they are super durable while also being quite breathable. Check out the review, and be sure to stop by for more backpacking and camping gear reviews.”

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


Justin Lukasavige of BackcountryTreks

Title: “Kinco Ski Glove [Review]”
Product: #901 Ski Glove“Want a tough pair of gloves that will handle it all? Look no further than the Kinco Ski glove.”

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


“Bering Sea Gold” on Discovery Channel

Season 1 Premier: January 10, 2012 (currently airing Season 2)
Product(s): (multiple)Cast members of “Bering Sea Gold” use Kinco gloves while mining in a deep water basin of the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Russia.

Bering Sea Gold (also known as Gold Divers) is a reality television series set in Nome, Alaska that airs on Discovery Channel, with reruns also airing on TLC. It is from the creators of the Deadliest Catch reality TV show.

Bering Sea Gold


Tyson Lukasavige of BackcountryTreks

Title: “Kinco Ski Gloves from Crested Butted Mountain Resort [Review]”
Product: #901 Ski Glove“At $28, this is a glove that handles the ski poles and shovel just as well as it handles a chainsaw and axe. Tyson even used the gloves to change the oil on his snowmobile.These gloves don’t care how you abuse them; they’re like a dog that craves adventure, no matter how many people think it’s torture.The Kinco ski glove is a favorite of ski resort workers. Tyson makes snow at Crested Butte ski resort and has abused them plenty. I’ve used them backcountry skiing, at the resort, and bucking and splitting wood.”

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


“Railroad Alaska” on Destination America

Episode No.: (multiple); Notably “The Beast” and “Disaster Trail”
First Aired: 2013
Product(s): #1938KW Hi-Vis Lined Pigskin Leather Palm with Knit WristRailroad Alaska is a reality TV show that follows an elite crew of workers– brakemen, engineers, construction crews, mechanics and train drivers – illustrating the battle against ferocious weather and treacherous terrain to keep the State of Alaska’s critical 500-mile long railroad rolling to deliver life sustaining supplies. From controlled avalanches to prevent catastrophe, to fascinating characters, like Jim James, the one-handed handy man, learn what it takes to keep this train on track. How many Kinco gloves can you spot?


Steves Pass Avalanche Control

Title: “Massive Avalanche above Stevens Pass – Avalanche Control”
Published: February 26, 2014Stevens Pass Mountain Resort avalanche control team creates a massive avalanche via helicopter on the back side of the pass after a large storm system that dropped over 10 feet of snow! This process helps mitigate the risk of natural avalanches traveling into the ski resort area in order to protect lives and property.

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


Product Review by SnowShepherdTV

Title: “Kinco gloves and Nikwax Test”
Product: #101HK KincoPro™ Lined Deerskin“Testing the new Kinco gloves we treated with Nikwax glove proof, which has done a great job on both the super soft deerskin and also the fabric backs of the gloves. Gloves are the Kinco 101 HK with Heatkeep insulation not as warm as the classic 901 ski glove, but a great choice for spring skiing and ski touring.”

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


Product Review by Justin Lukasavige

Title: “Mittens NOT Built For Girls: Kinco Ski Mitts [Review]”
Product: #901t Ski Mitts“Need a pair of mittens that look good on the slopes, après-ski, and with a chainsaw? Well, no one needs that, but the Kinco Ski Mitts fit the bill and are only $20…” READ MORE


Product Review by “vmxrm85”

Title: “Kinco Pigskin Glove Review”
Product: #1918 Unlined Grain Pigskin Safety Cuff“Awesome gloves.”

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


Product Review by CampingGearTV

Title: “Nikwax Glove Proof Waterproofing Video Review (utilized on Kinco Gloves)”
Episode No.: 156
Product: #901 Ski Gloves“Check out the review, and be sure to stop by for more backpacking and camping gear reviews!”

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.


Kinco Appears at Canyons Resort

Title: “Meet the Avalanche Dogs of Canyons Resort ”
Product: #901 Ski GlovesThe head avalanche dog coordinator at Canyons Resort, gives us an inside look at his team of Avalanche Dogs, and the purpose behind the program (while wearing Kinco!).


Kinco Appears at Beaver Creek

Title: “Meet the Avalanche Dogs of Canyons Resort ”
Product: #901 Ski GlovesWatch as the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol set avalanche bombs to keep the public safe (while wearing Kinco!).


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