Our Mission

Since 1975, Kinco Gloves has maintained a level of quality that has become an expected “standard” in the marketplace. A true and generous fit is fundamental to a well-wearing pair of gloves. Combined with choice materials – from leathers to insulation options, to natural and synthetic fabrics – Kinco gloves are designed and constructed to meet high standards.

Kinco is never content to rest on our laurels! The sky is the limit when it comes to new ideas, methods, styles, design, and materials. Our R+D department is in constant search around the globe for new products to bring to market that will fill a niche, enhance and add value to a retail set and provide the consumer with the right pair of gloves for their changing needs.

Since the launch of our flagship styles during our first year of business, the 1927® and 1927KW®, we have remained committed to steadfastly backing up our brand in the marketplace and with our Dealer partners. Although we continue to add new styles on a regular basis, we know what the best sellers are and continue to supply these foundational styles.

Durable, but supple. Long-wearing, but comfortable. Fashionable, but practical. Kinco gloves are the result of a myriad of factors all taken into consideration when developing a product. The possibilities are endless, but finding the right mix of elements is what makes us successful.

Quality Innovation
Integrity Balance